[Tor-BSD] Security releases tomorrow for Tor & how to push updated ports faster

clematis clematis at insiberia.net
Thu Nov 30 15:45:40 EST 2017


I bet most of you have also subscribed to the tor-talk lists, but as I
wanted to ask here about the process to help testing and pushing faster
update to the OpenBSD ports for both tor and the tor-browser, I though I
would forward that information below. This could be a 'test case' to see how
long it would take to get the ports updated and how many steps are
required. (If someone could document this it would surely help).
Following a quick chat with attila it sounded like there's some
bottleneck in the process that induce some serious latency. 

How could we improve this?

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I'm sending this message to announce that we will be releasing new
stable and versions of Tor tomorrow, to fix 5 security bugs.  I
apologise for the short notice; we've had to move up our intended
release date in order to try to match with release deadlines for
downstream projects.

We have classified 3 of these bugs as Medium and 2 as High, per draft
security process at
.  The most serious bugs are a pair of denial-of-service issues, which
we treat as high security because of the possibility of escalating
them for traffic-analysis purposes.

Note that only the following series are supported, and only they will
receive updates: 0.2.5, 0.2.8, 0.2.9, 0.3.0, 0.3.1, and 0.3.2.  0.2.8
and 0.3.0 will become unsupported in January; 0.2.5 will become
unsupported in May.

best wishes,
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