[Tor-BSD] kernel: ... was killed: out of swap space

Gijs Peskens gijsje at heteigenwijsje.nl
Mon Feb 19 13:51:37 EST 2018

The specs of the machine and configuration would be helpful for debugging the issues.

On 19 February 2018 18:35:04 CET, Paul <pa011 at web.de> wrote:
>Running some small Tor exits on FreeBSD brings me problems like
>Feb 18 16:16:07  kernel: [81279] pid 81691 (tor), uid 256, was killed:
>out of swap space
>Feb 18 16:16:51  kernel: [81323] pid 3994 (tor), uid 256, was killed:
>out of swap space
>Feb 14 17:51:46 kernel: [1129047] [zone: mbuf_cluster]
>kern.ipc.nmbclusters limit reached.
>As I am only a volunteer and not a programmer could somebody please
>provide me an idea or small script that would check for parameters like
>these above and restart tor or reboot the system in a timely manner?
>Thanks for your help

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