[Tor-BSD] atlas 'This relay is running an outdated Tor version and should be updated ...'

Gijs Peskens gijsje at heteigenwijsje.nl
Tue Jan 9 14:31:45 EST 2018

When checking my relay on atlas.torproject.org after fixing some issues today (my ISP blackholed traffic due to automated IDS on my exit node IP, managed to get out of their IDS system) I noticed this message
This relay is running an outdated Tor version and should be updated to a recent release of Tor that may contain important fixes. 
As well as the 'not recommended' flag.

At first I figured my Tor might've been outdated, so I updated to the newest binary package available on OpenBSD 6.2 stable,, after a few hours the page got updated (noticed by the change of uptime) however flags and message remain.

Then I CVS'd the -current ports dir and manually build Tor version the last version before todays update. After the page updated the flag and message still remain.

Might this be due to a directory authority needing to reverify my version at some point, thus having the flag lag considerably behind the updates? Or might there be some issue to this being an OpenBSD machine (which seems to be a bit uncommon)?

Other machines running 3.1.9 do not have the flag.

My relay: 

	https://atlas.torproject.org/#details/1283EBDEEC2B9D745F1E7FBE83407655B984FD66 (https://atlas.torproject.org/#details/1283EBDEEC2B9D745F1E7FBE83407655B984FD66)
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