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Gijs Peskens gijsje at heteigenwijsje.nl
Fri Jan 12 10:15:55 EST 2018

January 12, 2018 4:07 PM, "George Rosamond" <george at ceetonetechnology.com> wrote:

> nusenu:
>> George Rosamond:
>>> The Tor Project is assembling a general guide/brochure for configuring
>>> relays.
>>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/TorRelayGuide
>>> Clearly, a lot of BSD-related information needs updating, and
>>> NetBSD/Dragonfly should be added.
>> Would you volunteer to become the maintainer of those operating systems?
>> (I didn't add them because I believe that people using them will not have a
>> hard time installing tor and I have already 8 others to keep an eye on)
> I will see what I can do on this...
>>> Lots of *BSD related information is
>>> missing and/or inaccurate.
>> Can you say more about what is inaccurate about the installation steps
>> for FreeBSD and HardenedBSD?
> I don't know much about HardenedBSD and it userland differences with
> FreeBSD, if any, but there are "automatic package updates supported"
> with FreeBSD with pkg(8)
> The other inaccuracies are about OpenBSD which does release binaries
> usually within 24 hours of a port update, and the port updates are very
> quick (ty, Pascal), pkg updates can be easily automated and binary
> updates for the base OS are supported on -stable with syspatch(8).

I can tell from recent experience that unfortunately this is not the case for OpenBSD. At least not when sticking to a stable release (i.e.: I'm running 6.2 stable).
OpenBSD binary packages for the last stable (6.2) is currently at which is a not recommended version. stable.mtier.org is currently at, which is outdated but is a recommended version. 
OpenBSD ports-6.2 is either at or 13 I forgot. ports-current (the master CVS, which you're /not/ supposed to track when running stable) does carry 3.1.9.
So I would say that regarding OpenBSD that operators will likely need to track a third party binary package provider if they wish to remain current enough. 

> What is exactly meant by "multi-instance support"? Running multiple Tor
> daemons? (the language of the cloud invading operating systems...)
> g
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