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Fri Jan 12 10:44:00 EST 2018

>> Can you say more about what is inaccurate about the installation steps 
>> for FreeBSD and HardenedBSD?
> I don't know much about HardenedBSD and it userland differences with
> FreeBSD, if any, but there are "automatic package updates supported"
> with FreeBSD with pkg(8)
> The other inaccuracies are about OpenBSD which does release binaries
> usually within 24 hours of a port update, 

are we talking about -stable?


> and the port updates are very
> quick (ty, Pascal), pkg updates can be easily automated and binary
> updates for the base OS are supported on -stable with syspatch(8).

There are no binary updates for ports, right? (except mtier repos)

> What is exactly meant by "multi-instance support"? Running multiple Tor
> daemons?  (the language of the cloud invading operating systems...)

See Shawn's reply. 

Would be great if you could add auto-update instructions for BSDs 
that covers the same amount as unattended-upgrades on debian 
(entire OS: kernel, auto-reboot, packages)


I removed the stuff we disagree on. Please let me know if there is anything left.

thanks for your feedback!

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