[Tor-BSD] Tor daemon as a client and as bridge at the same time

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> On 22 Jan 2018, at 22:57, C. L. Martinez <carlopmart at gmail.com> wrote:
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> And th second question: is it possible to filter by Nicknames instead of country in torrc's exitnodes section? Or is it a stupid question?

The Tor directory authorities regularly block bad exit nodes.

If you filter your own list of exit nodes
> then your circuits will look different to the circuits made by the
> other clients
on the network, and you will be less anonymous.

So why are you filtering exit nodes?

If you think blocking some exit nodes makes all Tor users more secure,
because they are doing bad things to your traffic, contact
bad-relays at lists.torproject.org and report those relays.

If you want to sacrifice your anonymity, and keep your own custom
block list, then you must use fingerprints to reliably identify exit

If you use nicknames, you will block every relay with that nickname.
(Nicknames are not unique.) And if the relay changes nicknames, it will
not be blocked any more. So don't rely on nicknames for your security.

If you use countries, you depend on MaxMind's GeoIP database. It's
unreliable for servers, because GeoIP is designed to target advertising
at consumers. So don't rely on GeoIP for your security.

If you just want to look like you're coming from another country, then
keep on using country codes. But the sites you're visiting may use a
different GeoIP database, with different countries for those exit node
IP addresses. There's nothing Tor can do to fix this.

The syntax for all these options is in the tor man page.


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