[Tor-BSD] Tor Browser 8.0 (OpenBSD ports)

attila attila at stalphonsos.com
Thu Sep 6 15:24:16 EDT 2018

clematis <clematis at insiberia.net> wrote:
> Hi guys,


> Has anyone started to look at updating the Tor-browser ports to 8.0?

Yes, I started yesterday.  I had been waiting for this release so that
version skew would not be an issue (precisely what you're referring to
below).  I haven't had a lot of time to devote to this recently.

> Landry has updated firefox-esr to 60.2.0 so that should be one big
> portion of it. I've read Attila write up on the various stage to update
> tor-browser [1]. I am wondering how the effort could be mutualized.

Certainly, although it requires some coordination.  I've started the
process and hope to get an update out in the next few days; if you are
interested in pitching in or talking about it drop me a line privately
or catch me on IRC on OFTC (handle: attila).  If there is enough
interest maybe we start a channel there to talk about it.

> (Especially if someone has already started to work on it).
> Should we have a specific wip/ somewhere for it?

I generally just work in mystuff, not with git.  I could do a wip repo
somewhere under https://github.com/torbsd if enough people think there
is value in it, but unless there are some major issues with an update
it doesn't usually take that long to merit it :-)

Pax, -A

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