[Tor-BSD] openbsd, running 2 tor helps throughput

Solene Rapenne solene+torbsd at perso.pw
Tue Jan 1 08:16:15 EST 2019


I would like to understand something. I run a tor relay on an OpenBSD VM, the
consensus weight was around 4000, but my server usage was pretty low, not even
50% of it.

I tried to run another tor daemon on it, I've put them as family members of
each other. Now I get a consensus weight of 8000 for the first daemon and the
other one is picking up at 2000 right now.

Does it look normal? I feel it's a bit weird that running 2 instances makes my
server used correctly. While the server was usually relaying 1.3 MB/s (2.6 MB/s
usage with in+out), now I am relaying 1.9 MB/s and it's still growing.

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