[Tor-BSD] www/tor-browser maked as BROKEN

clematis clematis at insiberia.net
Tue Oct 1 05:39:44 EDT 2019

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Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2019 14:10:32 +0200
From: Sebastien Marie <semarie at online.fr>
To: ports at openbsd.org
Cc: landry at openbsd.org, Sean Levy <attila at stalphonsos.com>
Subject: unbreak firefox-esr and thunderbird


The update of lang/rust unintentionally broke mail/mozilla-thunderbird,
www/firefox-esr and www/tor-browser.

My test script for checking breakable doesn't worked as intented, and I miss the
failures. My bad.

The following patch corrects mail/mozilla-thunderbird and www/firefox-esr, by
backporting cssparser crate diff from upstream.

The change is composed of two parts:
- the patch on third_party/rust/cssparser/src/parser.rs
- a sed trick on post-patch target to "hide" the file change to cargo and let's
  it building without complaining

For www/tor-browser, I will just mark it as BROKEN. The esr version used by
tor-browser is just too old for easily backport the patch, and I would be
reluctant to spend time on it as the www/tor-browser version we have in port is
just too outdated. An update of the port would be preferable.

Please note I only quickly test the patch on firefox-esr. I intent to let's
finish a full build of mail/mozilla-thunderbird and www/firefox-esr before
commiting if ok.

Sebastien Marie

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Just wanted to open up the conversation about the openbsd ports of
www/tor-browser following this email from Sebastien. 

Attila's in copy. I know it's always been quite a massive effort to get
this port updated considering the firefox dependencies and all the work
around it.

Is someone looking at this prior to 6.6-release? What would be needed to
go ahead? Maybe some tasks could be splitted. @Attila you know that one
inside out, if you would have some guidelines or recommendations that
would be appreciated.

Open for comments.

PS: I will start having another look at it this week, but always broke
my teeth on it in the past. So likely to require some additional brain

clematis (0x7e96fd2400fe7b59)

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