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Hans Zaunere hans
Mon Apr 26 08:23:13 EDT 2004

April Meeting

When: April 27th, 2004 at 6:30pm
Where: Digital Pulp
Details: http://nyphp.org

As it *finally* warms up, we have another packed meeting.

An Introduction to Clew

New York PHP will be presenting a short talk and hosting a discussion
about the pre-release beta version of Clew - Conversationally Linked
Email and other Writings at our next general meeting, Tuesday, April 27.

A 20 minute briefing, given by Chris Snyder and Hans Zaunere, will serve
as an introduction to Clew. The talk will be followed by an open
discussion moderated by Hans.

Join us for this introduction to the powerful new hybrid mailing list,
web forum and hypertext publishing system Clew - which is the framework
for the upcoming re-release of the New York PHP website and mailing

Clew ties nodes into threads, making it ideally suited for building
message boards and mailing lists allowing users to access discussions
through a web interface and/or receive/repond to them as if from a
traditional mailing list. Utilizing roles-based administration, users
can subscribe to the interface on a per thread or area of interest

Clew is based on Hans Zaunere's implementation of a nested set model in
PHP+MySQL, aka pNSM and has also adopted Zaunere's pAuth, a roles-based
authorization system, and pMime, an mime-message processor. While Chris
Snyder has been responsible for the clew-specific PHP classes, many
other members of New York PHP have contributed to the development of

Clew is not only the foundation for the latest release of the New York
PHP website, but also lays the groundwork for our re-structuring into a
more productive and supportive organization. Join us for a discussion on
how New York PHP is re-organizing into four distinct but collaborative
departments better suited for open-source development projects. Also,
find out where you can fit in and what resources are currently available
and will become available, including, but not limited to Phundamentals
and RAMP training.

SAMS Publishing, our latest sponsor, has been kind enough to provide us
with books to raffle off. Come prepared with a business card to enter
the drawing.

 When: Tuesday, April 27th, at 6:30pm (4th Tuesday of every month)
Where: Digital Pulp, Inc.  220 East 23rd Street, Suite 900 (9th floor)

As always this meeting is free and open to the public - please be sure
to RSVP by sending a message to rsvp at nyphp.org.

New York PHP

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