[nycbug-talk] highpoint RAID drivers on FreeBSD

Isaac Levy ike
Tue Dec 14 08:24:52 EST 2004

Hi All,

I just wanted to shout out re. the HighPoint RocketRaid 1640 driver fun 
from yesterday- two things:

1) I've started the ball rolling on FreeBSD-scsi list, and will 
continue to try to get some words about the possibility/sanity of 
getting these drivers into the release sources.  We'll see what 

2) I just dug into the FreeBSD LiveCD project, and I'M FREAKING OUT 
The project distributes scripts so one can make their own bootable CD- 
containing whatever one wants it to have.  For my own 
'micro-datacenter' purposes, I'm diving in this morning to create/test 
my own Live bootable CD for system installs and repair uses, of course 
primarily to ensure the HighPoint drivers are on board, and can be 
installed over and over with the OS...  (as well as providing a fixit 
disk that properly deals with the RAID boot volume).
Problem solved for me in a clean and immediate manner, and I'm happy.  
Giddy even.

With that, I'll switch off my -v flag on this list thread, I just 
thought this LiveCD project is such a cool solution, worth blabbing 
about here...


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