[nycbug-talk] the case for a BSD Certification

Okan Demirmen okan
Fri Dec 17 11:04:18 EST 2004

On Fri 2004.12.17 at 10:52 -0500, G. Rosamond wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2004, at 10:41 AM, Okan Demirmen wrote:
> >On Mon 2004.12.06 at 09:46 -0500, G. Rosamond wrote:
> >>This Register.com article leads me to some interesting conclusions:
> >>
> >>http://www.theregister.com/2004/12/06/linux_economic_realities/
> >>
> >>There have been a number of Linux-related certs, most importantly the
> >>RedHat one.
> >>
> >>But we're fortunate that a single BSD cert is more easily created, as
> >>we don't have huge multinationals backing one project versus another.
> >>If a BSD cert was created, it could be done in the interests of the
> >>technology in general, without spawning competition from other
> >>entities.  One of the benefits of not having competing corporate
> >>entities or distros in the mix.
> >>
> >>We would obviously want to be as inclusive as possible, particularly 
> >>in
> >>the beginning, for all the projects. . . from Free, Net, Open and
> >>DragonFly.
> >>
> >>I am thinking about starting up a mailman list for the topic.  Dru,
> >>Ike, myself and many others have been involved in discussions on this
> >>matter haphazardly. . . it may be time to jump start the project in
> >>January.
> >>
> >>We should probably implement an accompanying Wiki for it, as it is a
> >>cumulative-type project.  Next stage is to pull in others outside of
> >>NYC*BUG, particularly critical individuals at each project and at
> >>Yahoo, Pair, etc.
> >>
> >>Thoughts?  We should probably have a volunteer to oversee the tech end
> >>of things for the wiki, list, documentation.
> >
> >George, et all,
> >
> >I think this is a good idea. I realize that it will take a long
> >long time before any BSD cert is taken seriously by employers,
> >however it has to start sometime/somewhere.
> That's exactly the point.  A cert would approach the issue of the lack 
> of commercial support for the BSDs.
> >
> >In a world where *BSD is used in the majority of network appliances,
> >giving those organizations some more HR tools would be smart.
> >Speaking of which, I am now seeing those companies, who shall remain
> >nameless for now, feel as if they have come in, defending their
> >*BSD choice. Not that anyone should care (we don't), for they are
> >sold as "black boxes" with management interfaces.  As far as full
> >BSD systems (Open, Net, Free, Dragon), it would be interesting what
> >consulting firms could/would do with *BSD certs. (Yes, we live in
> >an ugly corporate world.)
> >
> Majority of network appliances?  Woah.  I can name a lot (Borderware 
> fw, CheckPoint Nokia, some Snap servers), but majority?  That would be 
> significant.

I didn't want to miss an important vendor and piss them off ;) But

> >Getting off point, my point is that slipping *BSD certs into the
> >industry may be one factor in reassuring the industry that *BSD is
> >still here, strong and ever evolving.
> >
> >What can we do to help?
> >
> Well, I setup two new lists on our mailman last night, one for LABUG 
> (Los Angeles' Pete) and one for CDBUG (Albany area for Jonathan F). . . 
> I think it's time for a BSDCert list.

I may ask for a new one too soon, depending on where I end up next
month ;)

> A number of us have spoken about it for a while, and Dru seems at the 
> helm.  Since she's also an instructor with years of experience, I think 
> she has the best of sense of the big picture.
> We have one contact from NetBSD, plus a good number of others.
> We'll start with a list, with a wiki, as there's lots of data 
> accumulation and organization to take care of.
> We need to look at backers for the cert, starting with each of the BSD 
> projects, then moving onto entities like BSD Mall/DN, etc.  Maybe some 
> educational institutes.
> We need to work out a curriculum, covering both general Unix stuff then 
> BSD specifics.  There should probably be sections of each of the BSDs, 
> plus specials sections on OpenSSH, pkgsrc, pf, ports, etc.
> I'll setup a list later, but I think it would be a good idea to get the 
> wiki up somewhere first. .. with passwd protection for editing rights.

let the wiki begin ;)

thanks george.


> g

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