[nycbug-talk] Mac On Linux (was: Mac OSX Troubleshooting tools)

Bob Ippolito bob
Sat Dec 18 13:47:42 EST 2004

On Dec 18, 2004, at 1:40 PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:

> BTW, anyone know if Mac On Linux is progressing with their OS-X port?  
> I'd love to boot Tiger in a virtual machine inside 10.3...

Yeah, I wish.  Those guys haven't made any progress in quite some time. 
  I was considering helping out with the port, but the current version 
doesn't even work well on Linux!  I tried using it to boot OS X 10.2, 
OS X 10.3, and (a much older seed of) OS X 10.4 several months ago, and 
it was crashtastic for all of them.  I wanted to use it to test my 
products without a reboot, but MOL did more rebooting on its own than I 
would've done otherwise :)

MOL was originally designed to run the 'ol school Mac OS, and that 
seems to be all it does well (at least, I hope it does *something* 
well, I had no reason to try it).


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