[nycbug-talk] Imaging software for FreeBSD

swygue swygue
Thu Dec 23 12:50:36 EST 2004

Hi guys,

Does anyone know of a fast imaging program for BSD. I want to setup
FreeBSD for my two little brothers. The computers that I have are only
p500mhz and installing KDE took me about 26 hours.

Not wanting to sit through that long process I decided to try  g4u
(http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/) and now I am day four and this thing is
still running.

I want fast imaging program that works with FreeBSD like symantec
ghost. Any suggestions ? Or can some one tell me how I can accomplish
this task some other way. I would like to get one PC build just the
way I want and copy it to the other PC.


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