[nycbug-talk] 1U Server Recommendations

Sunny Dubey sunny-ml
Wed Jan 12 20:12:06 EST 2005

On Wednesday 12 January 2005 00:38, alex at pilosoft.com wrote:

> Mutter, it's too late in the night to do thinking, I'm wrong on this one.
> Struct members are naturally-aligned (i.e. alignment is to the data type's
> own size, chars are not aligned at all, etc) - thus {char a,b,c;} will
> take 3*8 bit of space on any architecture.
> However, {char a;int *b;} will be 4+4 bytes on 32-bit and 8+8 bytes on
> 64-bit still.

So this is where things break down for me.

I know video-gaming isn't exactly general computing, but I assume 99.9% of the 
theories/practices carry over ...

that being said ...

Video game consoles always have a higher computing bits, but much lower memory 
footprints.  Does that mean they are hurting themselves ?

ie:  the Nintendo 64 (released in 1996) had a 64bit MIPS CPU and only 4 megs 
of RAM.  The PlayStation2 has a 128 bit MIPS-derivative CPU with only 32 megs 
of RAM.  So at any given time, they aren't acessing much memory at all.

So by the logic above ... it would have been faster if the machines 
had stayed at 32bits ?

Sunny Dubey

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