[nycbug-talk] lame...real lame Andy

Marc Spitzer mspitzer
Wed Jan 12 20:48:56 EST 2005

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 20:12:49 -0500, Sunny Dubey <sunny-ml at opencurve.org> wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 January 2005 14:13, Marc Spitzer wrote:
> > The gpl, IMO, is anti innovation as far as software goes.  Explain
> > this to the VC/shareholders:
> >
> > 1: you used a gpled library in your commercial app.
> there was your single biggest mistake.
> if your employees are too stupid to take care of licensing regardless of open
> source or closed source, the manager and the employees need to be fired
> pronto

And what happens if we get blindsided by a quite change in licence
during an upgrade.  And the absolute dishonesty that the FSF uses in
marketing the cursed thing, it free but we have a definition of free
that is not in a dictionary and thats the kind of "free" it is.  Now
give us all your stuff.

> > 2: one of your customers figures it out
> > 3: said customer demands all your code, using a lawyer
> > 4: puts it up on sourceforge, along with his own compiled windows binaries
> > 5: it is your only product and sales have droped off by +90%
> not the GPL's products fault

the gpled product is a thing so it can never be at fault, ever sue a toaster.

> did the GPL product visit your home at nite and threatened you with a gun if
> you didn't use it ?

sheer genius, why did I not think of that

> No, you ********** WILLINGLY *********** chose to use it and now must deal
> with the consequences of it.

no I did not, sure you got enough * there and caps how very aol.

> (May I repeat the key word .... WILLINGLY )
> its like unprotected sex with that random gal/guy at the bar last nite.  You
> had fun (step 1), and now you've got huge problems (steps 2, 3, 4, and 5)

no it like having sex with someone who does not tell you they have
herpes, in fact they swear up and down they are tested and clean then
after the fact they tell you the truth.

> > the gpl is designed to destroy the value of software and it does a
> > very good job of doing it.
> >
> Of course! clearly the authors behind Mplayer, GNOME, Pan, Gaim, Gimp, etc etc
> etc want to destroy the value of their hard work and labor.

Where does the money come from to pay for the developers and hardware?
  I have yet to see an economic model for open source that does not
rely on charity, people donating time.  But at least if you do it with
a BSD license you are not dragging other people in with you who may
not want to come.

> Do not attack the GPL if you ****WILLINGLY**** chose to use software licensed
> under it.

again with the aol stuff, good argument.  And I can attack anything I
want what are you gona do about it.  If you choose to hold your breath
until you turn blue please do it on an escalator.

> That would be like going on NASA's Shuttle to space and complaining about
> freeze-dried food (which tastes really really bad BTW).

funny sunny I have had some good freeze dried food, you get what you
pay for I guess.


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