[nycbug-talk] lame...real lame Andy

Sunny Dubey sunny-ml
Wed Jan 12 21:58:47 EST 2005

On Wednesday 12 January 2005 20:47, Ike wrote:

> Sunny, sorry to be curt

no need to apologize bro

we'll finish this after-school! mano to mano!

> but this thread was about an article where 
> Andy Hertzfield made some ridiculously uninformed statements about how
> Apple should use Linux, and generalized how Linux needs to be what
> drives all of tech, from a business perspective.

Oh I know that, I disagree with him too.  I think he was on the linux wave of 
the dot-bomb bubble and was burned by it.

Apple should stick to whatever they are comfy with in terms of tech and legal.  
(linux would never work for Apple.  it becomes much harder for binary-only 
code to link to the kernel, and the development cycles are two different 

> But to take it sideways here, are you advocating above, that anyone
> working at a company who pulls GPL code into anything at the company,
> should be fired?  ;)

not GPL code, but any code

I think its amazing that SCO is suing IBM for code produced almost a decade 
ago, and yet IBM has been on the ball about which license was used for what 
code (much to SCO's dismay, heh)

All companies need to keep track of this stuff for the obvious reasons.  There 
are times/examples where entire companies accidentally used GPL'ed code and 
were badly bitten by it.  Sigma Design did that with the Xvid codec.

I'd be surprised if the coder (who lifted Xvid's code and attempted to hide 
it) and his manager weren't fired.

> See, Sunny, this is the NYC BSD Users Group,

whoa, we aren't in kansas anymore ?! :P

> for the most part we're 
> here because we ****WILLINGLY**** chose to use BSD licensed software.

well yeah, we choose lots of software from lots of licenses ... we gravitate 
towards a few licenses for our own reasons ... its just an issue of keeping 
an open mind and not being ignorant about the other guy's licenses.


Sunny Dubey

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