[nycbug-talk] apache stability

bruno bruno
Tue Jan 25 11:52:03 EST 2005

> > I applaud OpenBSD for taking a stance on free licenses, yes.   But I'm
> > disappointed as I watch them get further and further away from production
> > releases the rest of the world is using.  
> > 
> > There is really no good choice here.  OBSD certainly can't spend scarce
> > resources to keep Apache (and other good software) up to date in their
> > own sources.  But the rest of the world moves on.  Soon, those
> > versions will be *way* out of date, and won't work with other software.
> > What then?

Depends how you look at it. The way I see it, OpenBSD moves on, and
the rest of the world is spending their time on things I don't need,
or care about. To me, official Apache is out of date, and I'm so very
happy that OBSD did what they did. :) So, the choice is yours, as
always, whatever works best for you is what you should do.

Also, OpenBSD Apache _is_ up to date, plus extra patches, for 1.3.x.
They don't like Apache2, for its license and other reasons.

Part of running OpenBSD is understanding that they do things their
way, and if you start fighting it, you will be in great pain, and
might as well run something else.

> > 
> > I'm feeling this pain right now.  I want to put up a web site on OBSD.
> > What server should I use?  Apache 1.3.29?  1.3.31?  thttpd?
> > (Note, I run thttpd elsewhere and I do like it.)

OBSD Apache would be my suggestion.

> > 
> > No clear answers I'm afraid.  What I'm really concerned about is that this
> > will start to come up over and over again.
> > 
> well as I understand the issue b/w Apache and the OBSD folks is that not only
> are there incompatible issues with the license but it seems that there were
> some patches that the OBSD folks were trying to push into the main Apache
> tree that were not being accepted by the apache devs.

Yes, I heard the same thing. 

> so...i think for the time being there is no harm in running obsd's offical
> apache release (bug fixes are still being applied) and I don't think
> any major 
> new functionality should be making it's way into the 1.3 branch anyway so 
> most people should be OK.  frankly I'm not even %100 convinced that
> the changes 
> in apache 2.x would benefit most people running OBSD...although i
> could totally 
> be wrong on that one....

I agree, run OpenBSD Apache unless you need a feature offered by
another web server.


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