[nycbug-talk] Netinfo Domains in Mac OSX (Panther)

Bjorn Nelson o_sleep
Tue Mar 1 22:25:10 EST 2005


> I would like to setup remote homes for users so it is
> transparent to them on their client machines (individual users, not in 
> a specific domain yet). I figured the best way to do it was through 
> Netinfo Domains. So set one up (pretty easy), I can connect to that 
> domain OK, I put it in one client's directory access, but it still 
> won't authenticate through a remote netinfo domain. I'm not sure what 
> else I'm supposed to turn on. Is it at all supported under panther 
> server?

You can set this up using the Workgroup Manager.app Utility.  You are 
going to either need to set up nfs or afs.  Have you tested accessing 
the directory via:

nidump passwd /
niutil -list / /

/ should give the netinfo exported directory whereas . will give you 
the local directory.  Although I am only familiar with Jaguar Server, I 
thought Panther Server had gone more the ldap route.

Are the filesystems being mounted in your /Network/Servers folder?  
check showmount -e remotemachine


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