[nycbug-talk] Mysql clustering/failover

steverieger steve
Tue Mar 8 16:48:58 EST 2005

On 3/8/05 4:35 PM, "Hans Zaunere" <lists at zaunere.com> wrote:

>> Yes I know that clustering and failover are two different things. I would
>> like to know if any of the dudes or dudets out there know of any links to
>> help me create a failover mysql server x 2. I don't quite like the
>> replication method as I have lost data in the past, and the logs and
>> overhead tell me that there are other methods out there.
> There are of course other methods, but none of them really make sense.
> Replication is the way to go - it's the poor man's clustering for MySQL, and
> in fact, not that poor.  With a well designed server and application
> architecture, it can be very robust, supporting some of the largest sites on
> the web.
> One other method, albeit it full of caveats, is a multi-head server.  Meaning,
> a single shared data file (SAN for instance) with multiple MySQL instances.
> This involves some work, however, as proper implementation requires OS
> specific know-how (and some OSs don't support it at all).
>> This link is a decent start but not exactly what I am looking for.
>> www.davz.net/static/howto/mysqlcluster/
> In addition to the MySQL flagship server, there's also MySQL Cluster.  It's
> implemented as a storage engine with the standard server, and can be used
> transparently with the other storage engines.  It can also be used with the
> standard MySQL replication, which makes for some very robust systems.
> What types of applications are you looking to support?
> H
This is for mysql only, no apache pages, just db's mysql and pgsql.

But since am creating all other services as failover on two servers, I need
to do the same for the mysql db's

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