[nycbug-talk] BSD torrents?

Francisco Reyes lists
Fri Mar 11 07:39:26 EST 2005

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Pete Wright wrote:

> here's a quick and dirty torrent guide for freebsd on our own site ;)
> http://nycbug.org/index.php?NAV=Library&SUBM=86

The ports did not have the latest and greatest so I just installed it 
manually. It was near trivial.
Download sources
Install Python
Install Python GTK
make an alias pointing to "python <gui bt>" and another pointing to 
"python <curses bt>"
In my case that was
alias btGUI "python /home/src/BitTorrent-4.0.0/btdownloadgui.py"
alias btCUR "python /home/src/BitTorrent-4.0.0/btdownloadcurses.py"

> basicly illustrates using the --max_upload_rate flag so you don't crush
> your pipe.

I believe the default is 20K, which is fine for me.

The latest Bittorrent just came out a few days ago. Version 4.

> maybe we can expand on this article to have some links to
>where to get torrent files, that might be a helpfull resource...

That would be great.
I got my torrent files from:

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