[nycbug-talk] preferred home office 'net connection

bruno bruno
Fri Mar 11 17:06:38 EST 2005

On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 01:29:28PM -0800, pete wright wrote:
> 	I know a few of you all here have DSL, does it seem pretty stable (I
> know, I know this will varrry from teleco to teleco but still
> interested)?  Also, the plan I'm looking at is 384k/384k for $70/mo.
> Should I expect to get that bandwidth reliably or has anyone noticed
> fluctuation in thier service.

It probably does depend on telco, I don't like giving money to cable
companies and run DSL for many many years, and never had any problems.
It does seem (package-wise, but maybe not anymore) like they
officially give you less speed than cables, but raw bandwidth is not
that important to me. Do a research on dslreport.com for LA area, I
went with a smaller ISP and so far no complaints. If I was to get
something national, SpeakEasy looks very good.


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