[nycbug-talk] preferred home office 'net connection

Charles Sprickman spork
Fri Mar 11 17:04:45 EST 2005

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Daniel Krook wrote:

>> The only provider I have used that gave me reliable bandwidth is
>> Speakeasy.
> I can second that.   I needed knowlegable support (as is the case whenever
> you get involved w/ DSL) and no blocked ports so I went w/ Speakeasy. They
> had some Slashdot/OSDN related special a few months back where you got the
> first 3 months of any package for $20 and some static IPs, so hunt around
> for some promo packages and mention them if/when you talk to a rep.

I won't second that. :)

I've worked with ISPs that are Covad resellers for about 5 years and have 
also twice been a Speakeasy customer...  I thought that their support was 
fairly lame in comparison to good local ISPs.  If I had an outage I was 
never allowed to look at the Covad/ILEC worklog and I never really felt 
they were "advocating" for me in getting the ticket worked.  Many times 
Covad needs quite a bit of a "push" to get a ticket resolved in a 
reasonable time frame and at Speakeasy's size they simply don't have the 
time and resources to do that.  Both ISPs I've worked for have had a few 
people that are good at working with Covad to make sure that any stupidity 
there is nipped real quick.

I've also had numerous occasions where their "bigness" was a double-edged 
sword and their fast growth meant that the Covad backhaul I was on was 
clogged with too many customers.

And I'll just hold my tongue on InterNap's spit and perl routing 
"optimization" that more often looked like "transit pricing optimization". 
I'll let Alex rail on them instead. :)

Just my $.03


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