[nycbug-talk] BSD torrents?

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Sat Mar 12 11:07:57 EST 2005

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Jan Schaumann wrote:

>> Quite a lot of torrent files. :-)
>> Picked 5 from 2.0.. 3 x i386, sparc, and amd64
> Cool - thanks!
> -Jan

Any ideas which ones are most popular?
So far I see activity on the i386. Obviously I want to help with whatever 
files are most active otherwise I am not really helping.

If I don't see any activity on the sparc,amd for a few days may just 
pickup i386 for the 1.X branch. It would have been nice if they had used 
different names. I originally downloaded from the 2.X branch then when 
downloaded the 1.X noticed they had the same name and over-wrote what I 
had downloaded from the 2.X. :-(
Went back and downloaded from 2.X again. Am I correct on thinking the 2.X 
branch is more active? Is the 1.X still fairly active?

So far FreeSBIE has been the most active in the few days since I have had 
this up.
So far hosting:
FreeBSD 5.3 AMD and i386
NetBSD 2.X AMD, i386, sparc (sparc 64 I think)
FreesBIE 1.1

I find helping with Torrents has to be one of the easiest way to 
contribute to a project. :-)

Looking forward to future release dates for these projects. I figure 
that's when it will help the most having volunteers have their torrents 

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