[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD 4.x and OS-X TCP problems (revisited)

Charles Sprickman spork
Sun Mar 13 18:16:16 EST 2005

I posted this here a month or two ago and thought that I'd add this thread 
I started on freebsd-net:


Interesting stuff, and it was nice to see an OpenBSD developer chime in 
with some really great stuff.

And if anyone has a good pointer for actually *understanding* what I've 
posted in my tcpdump packet captures, I'd be really happy.  I get the dumb 
basics of tcp, but when it gets to window sizes and all that I'm totally 

And if anyone here has an OS-X box and a FreeBSD 4.x box on the same 100Mb 
network, I'd love to see if you can see the same problem - just ftp a 
large file from os-x to fbsd and see if you get anything near line rate.



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