[nycbug-talk] multi-boot madness

Charles Sprickman spork
Sun Mar 13 18:22:00 EST 2005


For a number of reasons I have two boxes that I want to install all 
current *BSDs on.  So far I have been less than successful in 
finding/using a good boot-selector for this.  I totally creamed something 
when I got to NetBSD.  From what I gather GRUB is a decent choice, but 
then I run into my next problem...  There appear to be evil floppy drive 
spirits that have rendered just about every floppy drive I own useless, so 
whatever I choose, it's all gotta be CD only (plus that's the future 
anyhow, right?).

Any suggestions?  From the little I can figure out about grub, it's hard 
to install it if you don't:

-have a floppy drive
-install linux

I've been a BSD user and admin for a long time and I've been a complete 
"one os per machine" guy for all that time, so I'm really out of the loop 
on what's out there and have little understanding of the issues involved.



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