[nycbug-talk] ThinkPads

Okan Demirmen okan
Thu Mar 24 10:15:53 EST 2005

On Thu 2005.03.24 at 10:06 -0500, George R. wrote:
> So I should be making the ThinkPad move in the next week.  Probably T42.
> I would love to hear some feedback on wireless support and the other 
> features, such as the fingerprint reader.  Anyone played with that on a 
> BSD?

i *know* you of all people did, but check dmesgd ;) check to see
what the deal is with the irda and sd slot, which may or may not
get in the way of the fingerprint reader. in general, i'd say the
thinkpads are great for any flavor of bsd. i've got 3 of them (old
ones), but i'm looking at getting an x40 for myself soon.

not much of anwser to your question though...


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