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alex at pilosoft.com alex
Tue Mar 29 19:22:26 EST 2005

On Tue, 29 Mar 2005, Charles Sprickman wrote:

> Any suggestions for space in Manhattan that's somewhat reasonable and is
> in a building that's fairly well-wired and on-net with most carriers?  
> Bonus points if there's UPS/Generator power and other amenities that
> would make pulling in a dozen or so cabinets less of an endeavour (ie:
> "no, we can't give you enough power" or "no, we don't have enough A/C
> capacity for you", or "yeah, we can pull that fiber to the next floor
> but it will cost you $1000/month")...
> They would entertain anything that's somewhat near $25/square foot
> depending on how friendly it is to tech business.
You are one hopeful man. :)

a) 25$/sqft constrains your choices significantly just based on real
estate pricing. Rules out midtown, and constrains you to downtown. 

b) There are carrier hotels buildings which cater explicitly to businesses
that need power/connectivity. There aren't that many of them: 111 8th, 60
Hudson, 601 W 26, 32 AoA, 75 Broad. You probably don't want that - usually
space there is quite a bit more expensive than in non-carrier-hotel. Also,
space is rarely built out, and buildings

b) There are just buildings where there are lots of carriers. All
Rudin-owned buildings are like that (55 broad, where I am, for example.  
110 Wall, 32 AoA, 345 Park, 90 Pine). Out of my head, I can say that 50
Broad, 60 Broad, 65 B'way, 100 William are like that. 

c) Generator - unless you are in a carrier hotel (see a) - fuggetaboutit.
I am lucky enough to be in my current space where I have exclusive lease
the on the sole genset of 55 Broad building, but things like that are rare
or non-existant. If building doesn't have a genset, consider 150k$-500k$
cost to install it (god bless Local 3). If building has a genset, it is
probably already taken by someone for exclusive use.  

d) Electricity - again, unless you are in a carrier hotel, you will be
paying through the nose. *generally* the space in Manhattan comes with
about 0.1A/sqft of power built. So, if all you want to put are 10 racks
(300A), just take 5000 sqft of space and you'll have enough power. Maybe.
If space does not come with adequate power, keep in mind, it will cost
*high* amount of money to bring in power. This is in pretty much every
building - again, thank the electricians unions and professional
engineers. If you are talking about a large new lease, you may extract
some money as concessions from landlord.

e) Connectivity - generally, downtown in a 20+ story building, buildings
are "lit" by a fair number of carriers. I have lit building lists for
various carriers that I work with, hit me up and I'll give it to you.  
There are some carriers that have publically available lists, but most

Generally, I think 25$/sqft in a nice "lit" building is tough. Definitely 
forget about genset though.


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