[nycbug-talk] [Re: greylisting proxies?]

QuiGon quigon at hacktek.com
Sun Oct 1 12:38:00 EDT 2006

Charles Sprickman wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm currently stuck with my decision to run qmail in many places. :)
> I really want to give greylisting a try since I'm seeing an average of 
> 80-85% of all mail is spam and the less cpu/disk/network I can spend 
> processing this junk the better.
> So far none of the qmail implementations (all 2 of them) look very good.
> Has anyone had any experience with the following smtp proxies?
> http://assp.sourceforge.net/
> http://spey.sourceforge.net/
> http://www.network-theory.co.uk/articles/smtpwrap.html
> I'm not real crazy about any of those really either.  Looks like none can 
> deal with SSL+SMTP-AUTH.
> I wonder how hard it would be to stick Postfix in front of Qmail?
> http://www.greylisting.org/implementations/postfix.shtml
> Lots of nice solutions there...
> Any ideas or opinions on all this?
> Thanks,
> Charles

I've played with ASSP on two different domains and really didn't like
it.  The users on my company's network just HAVE to have vacation
messages when they are out of town, so as soon as the vacation message
would auto reply to spam, the spam would get whitelisted.  Lots of false
positives, too.

I switched to Spamassassin and Clamassassin (as procmail filters)
haven't looked back.  One of the machines I run it on (the one I'm
sending this mail through) is an AMD K6-2 500/512MB that also runs LAMP
with no issues (no booing here, but it's Slackware, because I've yet to
be able to get *BSD running on a Cobalt RaQ series machine).


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