[nycbug-talk] MySQL and FreeBSD 6.0

Hans Zaunere lists at zaunere.com
Wed Oct 18 22:07:25 EDT 2006

Hi Jonathan, thanks,

Jonathan Vanasco wrote on Tuesday, October 17, 2006 4:56 PM:
> > Hans Zaunere wrote:
> > > I'm seeing MySQL randomly crash - especially as concurrent
> > > connections increases.  Anyone with other experiences with
> > > FreeBSD 6.0 and MySQL, either good or bad?
> > > 
> several ideas hit me
> a) MySQL doesn't handle many concurrent connections well.
> 	The last 'x connections' report i saw, had x for mysql , 10x for
> pgsql and 500x for oracle.

It certainly has it's limits, but can handle quite a bit.  I've seen several
thousand connections on a regular basis without issue, assuming a properly
configured server and smart queries, transactions, etc.  We've just deployed
a server handling 1000+ connections and doing 10K+ queries per second.

> b) what are you doing with mysql?
> 	if you're doing some selects / inserts, thats odd
> 	but if you're relying on some of the 'new' features -- triggers,
> views, referential integrity -- i wouldn't be surprised if you saw
> tons of crashes.  i had super bad luck whenever I tried to use the
> 'new' features

This is 4.1 so these features aren't in use.  I'm afraid we're hitting some
threading issues, per previous links.


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