[nycbug-talk] ZFS committed to FreeBSD base.

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Fri Apr 6 15:14:20 EDT 2007

>>>>> "sk" == Steven Kreuzer <skreuzer at f2o.org> writes:

    sk>    - We don't have iSCSI target daemon in the tree, so sharing
    sk> ZVOLs via iSCSI is also not supported at this point.

Is there a working iSCSI initiator for FreeBSD?

    sk> There is no support for booting off of ZFS file system.

nor in Solaris.  There is some clumsy mod to have a ZFS root on
Solaris/x86 only, but it's based on something like a Linux initrd
(ugly), and also not working on SPARC.

This is great, though!  I've been using ZFS for about a year, and it
does solve real problems.  The AFS-ish separation between pools and
filesystems is important for me, as are reliable, persistent,
performant shapshots and clones.  And of course being able to make and
to fsck a multi-TB filesystem in a BSD plugs a big gap and one of the
things for which I had to use Linux.

Also maybe it will light a fire under Sun to prove that using their
FMA daemon to manage faults is really a benefit, not a liability, a
spaghetti disaster, and a bug mill compared to the old Unix way of
handling hardware failures and other exceptions in-context like
FreeBSD.  Maybe Sun will clean up their disklabel mess, too (that's
another thing which is much less irritating in FreeBSD).
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