[nycbug-talk] fetchmail pointers

Andy Michaels lego at therac25.net
Fri Apr 20 23:38:26 EDT 2007

Hi peter!  I'm currently using the uw-imapd server combined with 
fetchmail for my home mail.  The setup is quite simple:

client (running Apple Mail) ----> server running imapd and fetchmail 
-----> internet

the server in the middle runs fetchmail and the mail is delivered to 
that local user's inbox (mbox format).  by default, the imap server 
uses the user's inbox as the imap inbox.

The biggest drawback is the delay inherent in this setup.  Fetchmail 
runs every 30 seconds, and checks 2 accounts (one with my old ISP and 
one with my own domain).  It's really not a big deal for me, but I know 
some people want instant notice of mail arriving :)

Installing fetchmail and imapd on your mac will probably work just 
fine.  Although you could also enable imap on the exchange server.

Anyway, I'd be glad to provide you with more details.


On Apr 20, 2007, at 1:55 PM, Peter Wright wrote:

> hi all, i've finally lost it and can no longer use my companies 
> exchange
> solution for work related email.  i'm thinking of setting up a solution
> using fetchmail.  ideally i'd like to spool the mail in a courier-imapd
> store, not local pop.  i believe this is possible.
> does anyone have any pointers for this task?  it looks like the 
> fetchmail
> site at berlios.de is down (you don't have permission to read 
> index.html -
> how rude)...i've installed fetchmail on my mac and am reading the man 
> page
> now.
> thanks!
> -p
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