[nycbug-talk] sys/systm.h

Marco Scoffier marco at metm.org
Mon Apr 27 16:31:46 EDT 2009

Jesse Callaway wrote:
> Hey Marc/Brian,
> Those two pound includes are it so far.
> Anyway,  it turns out that this header specifies stuff that's for
> writing kernel code, and can't be used without special treatment. I
> was definitely barking up the wrong tree.
> date, and the various adjxxx commands haven't been helping out. I'll
> just leave the computer on for a few days and see if it fixes itself
> via whatever the hell it is that ntpd thinks its doing to the hardware
> clock. For what it's worth the securelevel is -1, and ntp.conf has the
> panic 0 option.
> System time is totally fine, it's just momentarily in 1904 on boot up.
> Fresh CMOS battery was installed recently.

ntpd won't update the date when it is too far out of sync, you've got to 
run "date". 

Unfortunately I think the formatting of bsd's date is a total pain in 
the axx.   It is so bad that I feel it has gotten you to consider 
compiling C to get at the system libraries.    On linux I've run a bunch of

ssh <remote> date --set \"`date`\"

to set the date of faulty machines.  I just spend a few mins trying to 
figure out how to do the same on FreeBSD and it was non-obvious...


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