[nycbug-talk] sys/systm.h

Pete Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Mon Apr 27 17:08:43 EDT 2009

On 27-Apr-09, at 1:31 PM, Marco Scoffier wrote:

> Jesse Callaway wrote:
>> Hey Marc/Brian,
>> Those two pound includes are it so far.
>> Anyway,  it turns out that this header specifies stuff that's for
>> writing kernel code, and can't be used without special treatment. I
>> was definitely barking up the wrong tree.
>> date, and the various adjxxx commands haven't been helping out. I'll
>> just leave the computer on for a few days and see if it fixes itself
>> via whatever the hell it is that ntpd thinks its doing to the  
>> hardware
>> clock. For what it's worth the securelevel is -1, and ntp.conf has  
>> the
>> panic 0 option.
>> System time is totally fine, it's just momentarily in 1904 on boot  
>> up.
>> Fresh CMOS battery was installed recently.
> ntpd won't update the date when it is too far out of sync, you've  
> got to
> run "date".
hrm i assumed that the iburst keyword in a ntp.conf file would  
compensate for way out of sync clocks.  reading the man page now it  
looks like it just reduces the amount of time it takes to bring a  
system clock back in sync but sending packets more frequently to the  

fwiw - i think you could also use: ntpdate -B my.ntp.server for force  
the system to get back in sync.  the ntpdate man page recommends using  
-b for init scripts (/etc/rc.local for example).


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