[CDBUG-talk] BSDCan 2015!

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Fri Mar 27 22:40:14 EDT 2015

Hi everyone --

BSDCan 2015 is coming up! June 12 and 13, with tutorial dates June 10
and 11. I'll even be co-giving a talk about NYC*BUG (CDBUG will
definitely make a healthy appearance):
I'd love to get a nice CDBUG group all make the trip up together.
Whether it's your first conference or you're a seasoned con goer, it
should be a great time for everyone! I find that BSD cons are
particularly good for first-timers: small enough that you don't get lost
but big enough that you can meet the big names in *BSD.

Also we have a very special CDBUG meeting planned for June, after
BSDCan. Stay tuned!


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