[CDBUG-talk] Come give a talk at CDBUG!

Brian Callahan bcallah at devio.us
Fri Mar 27 23:08:25 EDT 2015

Hi team --

CDBUG is always on the lookout for speakers. We take all talks BSD/Unix
related :)
We're especially interested in first-time speakers. NYC*BUG and
NYCBSDCon has been especially successful at providing a space for new
speakers to present in a supportive, no-pressure environment and I'd
love to see CDBUG emulate that model. Many speakers who got their start
at NYC*BUG have gone on to give talks at major conferences. And that
should be us too!

So anything you want to talk about we want to listen to! Don't feel like
you need to be a developer to give a talk: the best talks I've seen have
come from people who could consider themselves "just users."

And we are most definitely willing to work with you to make your talk as
positive an experience for you as it will be for us.

We could use speakers for:
April 14
May 12

If you don't want to announce talk ideas in public, you can email them
privately to cdbug-admin at lists.nycbug.org


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