[Semibug] Meeting minutes July 19, 2016

Nick Holland nick at holland-consulting.net
Sun Jul 24 14:52:58 EDT 2016

We followed the Usual Agenda on the website.

Due to Michael's absence, no good case for dumping the job of
Chairperson on someone else failed, and in fact, he was appointed for 12
more months.  Unanimously, 9 to zero/
(There some discussion -- tabled -- about making it for life)

We spend some time discussing people who aren't here, namely Micheal L.
and Joe G.

Jeff (our person who lets us roam the halls of Altair -- and thanks!)
will be unavailable for our next scheduled meeting, so we rescheduled it
for Aug 23.

Tech questions were asked, and Michael's rules deamed "eh" by Nick, so
some discussion of questions was permitted.  No serious injuries,
minimal property damage, no charges pressed.

Nick H. (me) voluntdrafted to do something on rsync incremental backups.
 Or bulk administration via SSH tips, but probably the rsync-based
incremental backups.  So that will be the topic and presenter for Aug
23, assuming no one else steps up with something more interesting.

Thomas Levine might do something on his shell test suite, though not
sure when.

A suggestion was made that Nick (me again) do some demos of Old
Hardware.  In thinking about this, might work better if I bring one old
thing in per meeting and spending a few minutes on it, rather than
trying to bring in a van load, setting up, and tearing down.  We'll


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