[Semibug] Meeting minutes July 19, 2016

Michael W. Lucas mwlucas at michaelwlucas.com
Mon Jul 25 14:56:42 EDT 2016

Thanks, Nick. Web site updated.

Glad to see my standards for respect were maintained in my absence.


On Sun, Jul 24, 2016 at 02:52:58PM -0400, Nick Holland wrote:
> We followed the Usual Agenda on the website.
> Due to Michael's absence, no good case for dumping the job of
> Chairperson on someone else failed, and in fact, he was appointed for 12
> more months.  Unanimously, 9 to zero/
> (There some discussion -- tabled -- about making it for life)
> We spend some time discussing people who aren't here, namely Micheal L.
> and Joe G.
> *** IMPORTANT ***
> Jeff (our person who lets us roam the halls of Altair -- and thanks!)
> will be unavailable for our next scheduled meeting, so we rescheduled it
> for Aug 23.
> Tech questions were asked, and Michael's rules deamed "eh" by Nick, so
> some discussion of questions was permitted.  No serious injuries,
> minimal property damage, no charges pressed.
> Nick H. (me) voluntdrafted to do something on rsync incremental backups.
>  Or bulk administration via SSH tips, but probably the rsync-based
> incremental backups.  So that will be the topic and presenter for Aug
> 23, assuming no one else steps up with something more interesting.
> Thomas Levine might do something on his shell test suite, though not
> sure when.
> A suggestion was made that Nick (me again) do some demos of Old
> Hardware.  In thinking about this, might work better if I bring one old
> thing in per meeting and spending a few minutes on it, rather than
> trying to bring in a van load, setting up, and tearing down.  We'll
> Nick.
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