[nycbug-talk] Article on Unix and open source

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Mon Aug 2 10:46:46 EDT 2004

> I think there are two distinct concepts that we have to keep clear here 
> tho.  GNU and "open source."  Open source, if I remember my history 
> correctly (or is it current events), was a label made up by a bunch of 
> gnu/linux folks in Cali. including Eric Raymond.  I think they did not 
> intend for it be any different than "the unix way," just another way of 
> looking at it.  I think what they really wanted was to put a more 
> business like appearance on the who whole GNU/FSF thing.  On the other 
> hand we got Stallman and GNU, and frankly it doesn't matter if like him 
> or hate him I can't imagine the FSF letting the GNU system get "Unix 
> Certified."

There was an interview recently with Stallman, and he answers the open
source question (he said it many times, but this time I saved it,
since I can never repeat his words [or anyones..]):

"You clearly point out in many interviews and articles you write that
you don't associate free software with the open source movement. Why
is that?"


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