Fwd: [nycbug-talk] Future Meeting: AMP on BSD

Dave Steinberg dave-dated-1092332947.9059ae
Thu Aug 5 13:48:50 EDT 2004

Meant to hit reply-all...

>>  From an OpenBSD-centric position, I'd be interested in hearing about
>> installing pre-written applications inside the chroot'ed environment.
>> In a large app, finding all the dependencies can be tricky - any tips
>> or techniques?  What about programs that use the mail() function - is
>> there a way to support this without installing a shell inside the
>> chroot?  Any other functions that don't play nicely?
>> I'm less interested in a simple application - there's php howto's and
>> books for that, and doesn't seem very bsd specific to me.
>> Regards,
>> --
>> Dave Steinberg
>> http://www.geekisp.com/

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