[nycbug-talk] Future Meeting: AMP on BSD

Hans Zaunere hans
Thu Aug 5 22:46:25 EDT 2004

> > > I'd love to hear more about how to make mysql run right.  It's an
> > ongoing
> > > issue that comes up on the lists, and I for one still see issues
> > > moderate load with Linux Threads and the "skip-name-resolve"
> >
> > Interesting... which BSD?  I run MySQL both with native threads and
> > LinuxThreads on FreeBSD without issue.  I'll certainly touch on some
> > this, and answer any questions people have.
> FreeBSD 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9.  While going with LinuxThreads gets rid of
> "spinning at 99% cpu" problem, I've found that if the box is doing
> anything else (especially mail delivery w/qmail or sendmail
> chugging through a queue), mysql just starts timing out on local
> or network queries.  We're talking both select-only at 15 q/S tops
here on
> a database that only is about 20MB.  I recently brought this up on the
> mysql list with lots of specifics (no, the machine's not swapping,
disk io
> is sane, cpu is not pegged).  The one thing that does seem to stand
out is
> that the box spends lots of time in "system" cpu and context switches
> qmail spikes, and this seems to be when either threading library
> mysqld and the application (vpopmail) starts timing out.

Quite strange.  I use MySQL on fairly loaded FreeBSD boxes of the same
version - with many other servers running - and haven't seen these
issues.  Did you use MySQL from ports, or the binary supplied from
http://dev.mysql.com ?  Give the binary supplied if not.

> > > Also some good tips on configuring php beyond the port build; what
> > you
> > > recommend changing in the stock php.ini, what are some performance
> > tips,
> > > and which of the various accellerators do you find work best
> > > (turck-mmcache looked good, but that project apparently died)?
> >
> > Good points, too  (hint: always use php.ini-recommended).
> Excellent... thanks.  If you can live with Turck-mmcache's sig 11's on
> HUPs, the speed increase on a single purpose application like
> is staggering.

Yeah, I wouldn't live with that.  There are IonCube Accelerator and
Zend, too.

> In general, I'm something of a stranger to php.ini and more
> getting a sane and usable safe-mode config going...  Hope you've got
> or five hours blocked out for the meeting. :)

Sure I do... bars are open until 4am :)

Hans Zaunere
New York PHP

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