[nycbug-talk] Call for papers

michael lists
Mon Aug 16 17:06:49 EDT 2004



The new website is nearly ready for its debut.  But first, we need to
stock the Library with *BSD knowledge.  Here's your chance to publish! 
Make a submission to the NYCBUG website (aka, Add to the Library).  We
even built a page on the website just for that purpose.

We need:
 * Articles
 * Presentations
 * White Papers
 * TechTips
 * Book Reviews
 * Software Reviews

If your submission is already published elsewhere, or, is too long to
fit; then just type the url in the "Internet Link" and put a description
in the "Submission" box. You may upload one (1) file, if needed. You
only get one shot at saving, so, most people paste here after they have
written the submission elsewhere and know they have it right. Feel free
to mark it up, but keep it simple please. Be sure to clear out the
sample we have provided and write your own. Your name and email is so we
can contact you, if needed. They will NEVER be published, unless, you
make the decision to put it somewhere in the body of the submission.

Submissions will NOT be visible immediately, they will be queued for
review by NYCBUG admins. Not all submissions will be presented on the
website. NYCBUG reserves the right to modify submissions deemed to be
inaccurate or inappropriate. 

Help NYCBUG be "a BSD success story spreading more BSD success stories."


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