[nycbug-talk] Call for papers

G.Rosamond george
Mon Aug 16 19:04:09 EDT 2004

wooooohoooooo . . .

contribute contribute contribute. . .

time to upload presentations, white papers, how-to's, etc.

a 10 line set of instructions for setting up sshd

the 14 lines on how to setup a jail

maybe a 20 line (including sh-bang) *script* for setting up jails

(and yes, sorry for top posting)


On Aug 16, 2004, at 5:06 PM, michael wrote:

> http://dev.nycbug.org
> The new website is nearly ready for its debut.  But first, we need to
> stock the Library with *BSD knowledge.  Here's your chance to publish!
> Make a submission to the NYCBUG website (aka, Add to the Library).  We
> even built a page on the website just for that purpose.
> We need:
>  * Articles
>  * Presentations
>  * White Papers
>  * TechTips
>  * Book Reviews
>  * Software Reviews
> If your submission is already published elsewhere, or, is too long to
> fit; then just type the url in the "Internet Link" and put a 
> description
> in the "Submission" box. You may upload one (1) file, if needed. You
> only get one shot at saving, so, most people paste here after they have
> written the submission elsewhere and know they have it right. Feel free
> to mark it up, but keep it simple please. Be sure to clear out the
> sample we have provided and write your own. Your name and email is so 
> we
> can contact you, if needed. They will NEVER be published, unless, you
> make the decision to put it somewhere in the body of the submission.
> Submissions will NOT be visible immediately, they will be queued for
> review by NYCBUG admins. Not all submissions will be presented on the
> website. NYCBUG reserves the right to modify submissions deemed to be
> inaccurate or inappropriate.
> Help NYCBUG be "a BSD success story spreading more BSD success 
> stories."
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