[nycbug-talk] Flash petition 479 and counting. . .

Pete Wright pete
Tue Aug 17 19:05:27 EDT 2004

alex at pilosoft.com wrote:

>I'm willing to bet there were/are special deals involving Real Money to 
>get SGI/IBM to get on bandwagon.
>Hell, there probably are more office desktops in IBM itself than total 
>number of BSD desktops...
that's probably true.  shoot, there were more IRIX desktops when they 
ported the flash player over to linux, and i don't think they got any 
"Real Money" from any corportation to so either.  anyway, i don't see 
what the problem is with people letting thier voices be known...it seems 
to have worked rather well with the linux camp.


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