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Trish Lynch trish
Sat Aug 21 14:26:29 EDT 2004

On Sat, 21 Aug 2004, Kevin Reiter wrote:

> : and for us people who want to mass-produce BSD-type servers....
> :
> : PFU (Pretty F-ing Useless)
> Why is that?  It has the ability to use a secured connection to the server,
> plus it reads UFS, so why wouldn't it be useful for imaging BSD boxen?  I
> tested it on my mail server and my web server, and it did both fairly
> quickly.

unless linux now reads FFS2 with Softdep, its pretty useless at least for

> I burned the images onto a bootable CD with the client binary and
> a small script, and now all I have to do is boot to the CD and it
> automatically loads the image after booting.  AFAIK it couldn't get any
> simpler...

You still have to put a CD in... how about just turning a machine on and
it installs FreeBSD just The Way You Like It(tm)

> -Kevin


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