[nycbug-talk] g4u

Kevin Reiter tux
Sat Aug 21 15:21:10 EDT 2004

: unless linux now reads FFS2 with Softdep, its pretty useless at least for
: FreeBSD.

Ahh.. didn't see that...

: You still have to put a CD in... how about just turning a machine on and
: it installs FreeBSD just The Way You Like It(tm)

Would that include all the backups of config files from a working system,
user accounts, etc., or is that more like a fresh install?  I've never tried
PXE so I don't know how it works (yet.)

One of the reasons I mentioned partimage is because when I used g4u, the
image size was *huge* and I was looking for a different way to clone a box
in case of a major failure (for a quick restore) without having to have a
spare 19GB free in a directory somewhere.  Since partimage basically ignores
unused space on the drive, the image tends to be a lot smaller, and in my
case, able to fit on a CD.  For me, booting to a CD and having the image
restored is a lot simpler and a huge time saver.  If PXE can do that, I'll
give it a try..

(I'm not arguing over which one is better, merely offering another method to
do basically the same thing.  g4u, partimage, or whatever you choose is
whatever works best for you :)


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