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Bob Ippolito bob
Fri Jun 4 23:03:18 EDT 2004

On Jun 4, 2004, at 10:55 PM, G. Rosamond wrote:

> On Jun 4, 2004, at 9:29 PM, pete wright wrote:
>>>> I have been meaning to buy one since Michael Lucas' OnLamp article 
>>>> on it a few months back.
>>>> Haven't made move yet, but plan to in the next month or two.  Can't 
>>>> do it yet. . .
>>> I am also interested in one of these 
>>> in-the-nearish-future-but-not-today.
>> sounds good to me!  it wouldn't hurt if i waited ;)
> I'm actually waiting for my mini-itx to return from RMA. . .
> I had problems with the onboard ethernet, but hopefully it will be 
> resolved. . .
> once i get that up, i may mount under my car seat with fbsd, wireless 
> nic, etc.  or run as a pf box at home.
> I think like many other people today, i'm busy with work and my 'half' 
> projects which hit brickwalls, then i create new ones. . .

Personally, I've wanted one for 2 years or so.. ever since I saw the 
ones that the PicoBSD guys were using.  I'd like to replace the linux 
firewall I have at home with OpenBSD, but I'd rather not take my 
current box down to do that because downtime sucks, and it's a dual CPU 
box so it would be a shame to install OpenBSD on it.

Also, since it has 3 nics, I can use it to balance my SDSL and Cable 
connections here.. right now I only use the cable for the consoles or 
(in theory) when the SDSL is down.

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