[nycbug-talk] Fwd: no more apache updates

Pete Wright pete
Mon Jun 7 17:47:51 EDT 2004

mikel king wrote:

> Pete Wright wrote:
>> G. Rosamond wrote:
> Sounds like my wife when she's clipping coupons...;-)
> Regardless...of the change it won't stop you from trying it out on 
> your own.  Just means that neither Theo nor the rest of the oBSD crew 
> will openly search for security issues et cettera in that peticular port.
yea, unfortunatly i think that's a big plus for most people who deploy 
apache on oBSD.  i did some searching about a bunch of lists regarding 
the apache 2.x lic. and it seems that the oBSD camp is not the first to 
balk at adopting it in regard to the new lic. terms.  There was an 
interesting thread on debian-legal regarding this.  <sarcasm>oh well, i 
guess i'll just go back to IIS, atleast all the political infighting is 
hidden from the user base ;^) i mean a webserver is a webserver 


> I have been running apache 2.x for quite a while and well asside from 
> the not so built in webdav support, which b the by it why I gave it a 
> whirl in the first place. Ok that and the threading... it's been great...
> Cheers,
> m!
> PS: with regards to webdav on 2.x it's in there you just have to 
> properly enable, as per 1.3.x

Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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