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Bob Ippolito bob
Mon Jun 7 17:18:01 EDT 2004

On Jun 7, 2004, at 5:47 PM, Pete Wright wrote:

> mikel king wrote:
>> Pete Wright wrote:
>>> G. Rosamond wrote:
>> Sounds like my wife when she's clipping coupons...;-)
>> Regardless...of the change it won't stop you from trying it out on 
>> your own.  Just means that neither Theo nor the rest of the oBSD crew 
>> will openly search for security issues et cettera in that peticular 
>> port.
> yea, unfortunatly i think that's a big plus for most people who deploy 
> apache on oBSD.  i did some searching about a bunch of lists regarding 
> the apache 2.x lic. and it seems that the oBSD camp is not the first 
> to balk at adopting it in regard to the new lic. terms.  There was an 
> interesting thread on debian-legal regarding this.  <sarcasm>oh well, 
> i guess i'll just go back to IIS, atleast all the political infighting 
> is hidden from the user base ;^) i mean a webserver is a webserver 
> right?</sarcasm>

Software licenses give me a headache.  The *BSD guys have it right -- 
MIT and BSD style licenses are really the only way to go.  They're the 
only licenses straightforward enough to where a software developer can 
actually understand what they're agreeing to, and free enough such that 
you don't have to think twice before hacking the code or redistributing 
a binary.  The [L]GPL makes me want to puke, and the fringe licenses 
that are written by lawyers (APSL, MPL, etc.) are just obnoxious.

I'm not afraid to use software with a crappy license if the software 
does what I need it to do.  Except for BitKeeper's free license, which 
is downright evil.. but I won't contribute to software that isn't "free 
as in I can use it however the fuck I want to" unless it's an absolute 

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