[nycbug-talk] CAcert.org

mikel king mikel.king
Fri Jun 11 11:04:49 EDT 2004

Greetings all,

    I have been corresponding with Duane from cacert who will be in 
Boston for USENIX. He is going to be able to arrange transport down for 
the July 4th weekend. Unfortunately h has a very limited schedule, as he 
must return to Boston to catch his flight back to AU.  I've offered for 
him to crash at my place on the 4th and then hope the rail into work 
with my Monday morning.  Do a bunch of certs then head later that 
afternoon back to Boston so he ca make his flight back home.

    So how many people from this list and the nylug and nyphp would be 
willing to stop by my office, or even a diner and have an breakfast 

    The goal is to get at least 20 people all together.  Please cross 
post this out to all of the NY and Northern NJ , and even Southern CT 
mailing lists you know.  Those who complete this step will become local 
assurers for CAcert.


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